Climate Change For Scientists

In the great world of climate change, science seems to have gone by the wayside in an attempt to use some sort of threat to the human race as a means to gain and retain power, both monetary and political. But it just ain’t so.

Approximately every thousand years we have a warm period. Those we know of are the Byzantine, the Roman, the Medieval and today’s present warm period that began in 1886 long before man had the capacity to effect the climate via changes in the atmospheric gases. Though now we are accosted by the idea that it was man simply THINKING about large scale power production as he entered the industrial age that brought on the man-made global warming.


So to begin, let’s put irrefutable facts on the table: The Earth’s surface is composed of over 70% liquid water or ice. Furthermore the atmosphere contains some 4% water in the form of vapor or water droplets. In its three phases, water absorbs almost the entire spectrum of the emissions from the Sun in the IR region and the reflected IR from the Earth’s surface.

Furthermore, water vapor in the upper stratosphere in the manner of stratus clouds are highly reflective of most visible light spectrum which compose the major energy bands of our Sun. The lower level clouds have little effect since the air has warmed with the entrance of the emissions from the Sun and the water vapor deep in the atmosphere are warmed by these omissions rather than more gaseous forms in the upper stratosphere.

This makes water the overwhelming control on the absorption of heat. This is therefore limited only by the emissions from the Sun which is also reliant on the sunspot cycles. And the distance from the Earth to the Sun which is controlled by the Milankovitch cycles. And also the shadowing effects from the Moon on the Earth which also is strongly effected by the Milankovitch Cycles.

From the writings of many people it is plain that they do not understand the effects and terms of these cycles. These are of short, medium, long and very long term effects because of eccentricity, axial tilt and precession of the orbits of the Earth, the Moon, Mars and Jupiter with perhaps a small effect from Saturn as well.The orbital periods are of such great variance that the cycles are almost infinite in pattern.

Because we are seeing sea levels rising in some areas, falling in others and remaining unchanged in still others there is a strong possibility that part of the very long Milankovitch Cycles has to do with a sort of tidal effect that we do not understand.


It has been demanded that CO2 causes a greenhouse effect. This has become so strongly ingrained in the false climate change community that some 60% of so-called climate scientists supposedly believe it. While I do not believe that this could possibly be believed by real scientists, this can be discussed.

There is no such thing as a greenhouse gas simply because the majority of heat (66%) is not moved via radiation through the atmosphere to the vacuum of space but by conduction and convection. This means that energy is lost via the heat conduction from the lower atmosphere into the upper atmosphere to the tropopause at which point the atmosphere become too thin for conduction to operate and radiation is then the major cause of energy loss to space. And because of the altitude simple geometry shows that the majority of that radiation goes to space and is not returned to the lower atmosphere.

CO2 has two functions that are peculiar to that gas. It conducts heat more slowly (significantly slower) than O2. And it has a lower sensible heat content. So to begin with since only one CO2 molecule exists in the lower atmosphere for every 2,500 other molecules it conducts heat off faster since it can hold less heat and becomes very active sooner. But should it begin radiating most of the energy would dissipate into the atmospheric H2O.

What’s more, the absorption bands of CO2 are almost perfectly between the emission bands of the Sun and the reflective/emission bands of the Earth putting this gas in a region where very little energy exists.

What we have observed from the Vostok Ice Cores as well as the Dome C Cores as well as other research is that levels of CO2 appear to remain low over extremely long periods of geologic time. This is highly unlikely since other geologic methods of estimating CO2 show atmospheric CO2 levels to be in the 20% regions as late as the Jurassic while the climate at this time was thought to be little different from today.

More shocking is that the fact that this extra CO2 comes mostly from the ocean is totally ignored and we are being accosted with the accounts of the ocean “acidification” from taking up the same CO2 that was boiled out of it in the first place. So returning to its original base level two levels above the change to acid is “acidification”?

Nevertheless our present warming appears to be less than the previous warm periods but this depends on the geological evidence which would appear to show sharper and higher peaks that probably occurred. Or more plainly – the true changes were probably “averaged” by time in the ground.

From the papers I’ve seen I believe the effect of man to be strongly overstated. In most cases I believe this to be honest disagreement. It is proposed that you can tell man-made CO2 from natural sources such as exhalations of animals by the levels of the carbon14 isotope. I find this unlikely since there are some 200 active volcanoes on this planet that we know of and many along the mid-oceanic ridges that we do not. And every one of these burn through layers of fossil fuels deposited during the Cretaceous period. This would make this source of CO2 identical to man’s use of fossil fuels.

So what effect is CO2 having if it is not the cause of climate change? For one thing the plant growth of the globe has been greatly enhanced.

In a starving world, produce is accelerating and starvation is down.

The largest source of plant life is the plankton of the oceans which has obviously been blooming in historically unprecedented levels. One of the major feeders on plankton is the small crab-like creature, the Krill, which is the source of food for most of the Earth’s larger filter feeders, the largest of which includes the world’s largest mammal – the Blue Whale. With this increase in Krill and the cessation of whaling, the Blue Whale has made a huge comeback in numbers. There are presently more in the North American Pacific Coast Blue Whale pods than were previously thought to exist in the world of this once endangered species. Now back at 97% of their past numbers, the team believes that a rise in population has slowed down as these whales have reached the capacity of what the ocean system can support.

Huge numbers of Pacific Grey Whales as well as Humpbacks are becoming so numerous they are commonly seen in the San Francisco bay with naturalists warning that the brackish water of the bay could lead to skin diseases. I suppose there’s no sun in any sky unless it’s causing man-made global warming..

All fish are enjoying large increases with even Great White sharks cruising up and down the coasts looking for a nice juicy surfer. Gamefish records are regularly being beaten with the only problems being over-fishing.

Absorption Chart

Note that the scale of the CO2 and the H2O are completely different. This is another of the methods used to produce faulty belief. H2O has an absorption of some 100 times more than the total amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and 400 times greater than the values attributed to man. And oxygen has 500 times the absorption of CO2 and 2100 times the amount of CO2 supposedly generated by man. We must also remember that the values of water in the atmosphere greatly vary due to perfectly normal weather patterns. These alone make CO2 of such a small value that it can bear not the slightest effect on climate.


While we are presently enjoying a warm period with better than normal conditions for everything this can hardly be called climate change. We can see this pattern  emblazoned on the Ice Core research. We are some 20,000 years into a cycle that will reach it’s minimum (an ice age) in another 140,000 years or so. At the depth of the Ice Age the water vapor will be almost entirely frozen out of the air, cause very little reflected energy from the Sun, putting almost the entire output onto the Earth at which point the only reflections of energy will be on the ice in the lower atmosphere. We will then have a relatively rapid increase from the Ice Age into another warm inter-glacial period that will take only ten thousand years or so. This is a repetitive process.

Since this is nothing more than a cyclic pattern you can hardly call it climate change any more than you could call it a constant weather pattern. You can only say that conditions are normal.

Long Term Earth Temperature

You must continue to remember that these cycles can never be cleanly described because the complexity of the sunspot cycles and the Milankovitch Cycles are virtually endless and exact repetitions could only rarely occur. Research also shows that the Sunspot cycles like the Milankovitch cycles are related to the orbits of the Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus and Jupiter as well as somewhat from Saturn. And there are independent eruptions from the Sun that all too often are completely unexplained.

Another subject that has to be covered is the historic values of CO2. These levels are shown as taken from the ice core research. But how accurate are these? In fact they are nothing more than averages. The arctic and especially the Antarctic regions are the driest spots on this planet. Ice fields are not formed from snowfall but from the gradual accumulation of frost. Over very long periods of time this frost layer is permeable so you cannot gain precise atmospheric levels of CO2 but only very long term averages. We cannot tell if in the fairly immediate past we have had very high levels of CO2 as it boiled out of the oceans during warm periods. Also the levels of CO2 on short term basis from purely natural causes can be many times what man produces. So again this is a blow to the so-called scientific proof of greenhouse gases and the heat in Earth’s atmosphere.

Of what accuracy is taking “bubbles” from ice sheets? What occurs to carbonated water if you freeze it? It loses all it’s carbonation because near the freezing point the atmospheric components can move through water at differing rates so that anything taken out of deep ice cores isn’t very accurate for atmospheric contents.

But the main gist of the argument is that we are in nothing more than a totally natural weather pattern in which man has so small an effect that it can be considered completely ineffective beyond small parts of one percent.

For people, usually non-scientists, to insist that there are unusual climates because of man while science itself remains silent not due to agreement but because of lack of data, the entire field of science is led down the garden path and the population as a whole loses all faith in science because of this.







































































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